Earnest Money

We have multiple options to help you deliver the earnest money and option money to our office.

  1. Wiring the funds – We have partnered with a 3rd party company called CertifID to safely and securely deliver our wire instructions. If you can provide us with your client’s phone number, needed for CertifID’s two-step verification process, we will send them our wire instructions through CertifID.
  2. Zoccam app – We have partnered with Zoccam to streamline the earnest money process. You can use a personal or cashier’s check or the e-check option within the app for earnest money and option money. The earnest money and option money can be sent in one check or separate checks, and all funds must be payable to Connect Title.
  3. FedEx Label – Upon request, we can provide a FedEx label for you to overnight the check(s) to us.
**Note, if you are using check(s), please do NOT sign the back of the check(s)**

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